CAA has many needs to grow the organization and we always appreciate a helping hand. Here is a list of things that can help us immensely:

STORAGE SPACE - As we accumulate set pieces, costumes and props, we are in need of a large amount of storage.  If you happen to know someone that is willing to donate some space, we would be most grateful.

SHOW, CAMP and CLASS SPONSORSHIPS - Our goal is to make CAA classes and productions affordable and accessible to as many students as possible.  Donations help us provide more to our students and allow us to keep tuition costs to a minimum.


VIDEO PROJECTOR and THEATRE SOUND & LIGHTING EQUIPMENT - As we expand our youth theatre programs, we would like to offer technical opportunities to young artists whose passion is to make stage magic happen from the wings and the tech booth. 


FINANICAL ASSISTANCE - We do many fundraisers and ticketed shows throughout the year but this does not always cover our necessary expenses for things like insurance, web server space, class/rehearsal space rent, show rights, etc.  If you could help us out with a financial contribution, we would be most grateful.

Do you know of anyone that has a heart for youth Performing Arts?

We'd appreciate any

Tax Deductable donations to CAA.

Contribute to the CAPITAL CAMPAIGN

Help CAA find a home and create

an affordable theatre for North County.