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We recently asked our CAA families what they thought we did well.  Here's what they said....


"Participating in CAA has helped my daughter's self esteem."


"It's very personal, it's affordable,

communication is great, teaches singing and performing,

drama practices (e.g. improv acting), Mr. Hand is kind and good with kids, it's not competitive and cut throat,

everyone gets a part."


"Your ability to bring out the best in each child!"

"Our daughter was involved for almost five years before moving on to work in many productions in the North County area. She is now in her final year as a BFA candidate in Theatre Performance (Acting) at Chapman University. The personal care and coaching of the staff at CAA was instrumental in recognizing and developing her strengths and encouraging her to take risks and step out of her comfort zone. In addition, they upheld integrity and our own family values as they worked with the kids. CAA is a gem for the youth in our community who want to explore theatre performance and personal growth."

"CAA helped foster not only my growth in theatre, but my growth in the creative, social, and interpersonal parts of me. With a genius staff and a caring community, my own self-confidence, relational skills, and creative spirit skyrocketed. Thank you, CAA!"

"Our kids, elementary level and high school level, were involved with CAA for several seasons. Unfortunately, a cross country move has taken our family out of the area. My older kids are graduated now, but my youngers miss the classes, the other kids, and the gentle and kind guidance of Charles & Lisa Hand. 
Two of my kids who participated in CAA have special needs diagnoses, and I couldn't have asked for more patient or lovely leadership for my kids. One of my daughters is very shy by nature, but Charles & Lisa as well as Meredith were phenomenal with her, and watching my extremely shy daughter in roles such as the Queen of Hearts as well as performing solos, will always one of my most cherished memories. 
I wish I'd found CAA sooner! A quality program like this is phenomenal for kids regardless of where they plan to take their futures, as the value of the collaboration, confidence, teamwork, creativity as well as the theater and music learning they experienced is truly hard to measure. 
We are a homeschool family, and CAA was a great complement to the other activities my kids were involved with in the community. I love the close-knit feel of the program, and the sweet supportive nature of the other parents we got to know during the seasons our kids participated. Additionally, the cost of the program is excellent considering the hours of experience they spend each season.  I highly recommend the program!"