Oceanside Independance Parade Info

Hi Seussical Families,

Here is the information for this weekend's parade.

We will be meeting on Leonard Avenue/Ditmar St. at 9:30am promptly. Please be there on time so we can give everyone parade instructions when everyone arrives onsite.


We were assigned staging position #B-16 if you need to ask any parade staff.The Hand's will be there early between 8-8:30am to check in with the parade staff, so if you need to drop your child off early for some reason, please call us and let us know. My phone number is 760-207-6687.

Our dress code for the parade is the following:

Shirt: Our new Seussical show shirts

Bottoms: Either shorts or pants (any color you like. Red, white or blue is recommended!)

Shoes: Your show shoes or any walking shoes. Remember, we have rehearsal afterwards.

Hat: We'll supply those for the cast!

Other: Sunglasses and sunscreen for those that want/need it. I assume we will be walking for about an hour. Feel free to accessories with patriotic stuff you already own. (small flags, buttons, etc.) After the parade, I will lead our group back to First Christian Church for a pizza lunch and rehearsal. Please have your cast members bring their rehearsal stuff (script, water bottle, pencil, etc.) with them and we will store them in my car before the parade. Pickup will be the normal 3:00pm time. Thanks and we'll see you on Saturday morning. Mr. Hand 760-207-6687

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