Help us grow and build a new performance space in North County.


California Artist's Academy, a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization, has dreamed of having a permanent home for students to take classes, rehearse plays and have a small venue to present small productions.

Over the past five years, we have had wonderful support from local churches in providing affordable space on Saturdays for our classes.   Unfortunately, we have found it difficult to offer more classes to students beyond Saturdays, as well as the ability to affordably stage small youth productions in the local area.

Our long-term goal is to provide a space for CAA students and other non-profit/ community theatre groups with a workspace to train, rehearse and perform small stage productions, since affordable theatrical venues are not readily available in the North San Diego area.

Our short-term goal is to be able to provide theatrical opportunities to youth performers on a low-to-no cost basis.   Any net revenues generated with the space will offset the operating costs of our non-profit and concurrently provide an affordable small venue to the local arts community.

With local city and private venues charging between $600-$1000 per performance day for use of their venues, community theatre groups are severely restricted in staging smaller productions, while trying to keep ticket prices accessible to all community members.  We feel that an affordable venue will allow local theatre companies to make a small net profit to grow their organizations and seed more productions.

Our future venue would work on a revenue share model where an affordable fee is required for using the venue and the venue would take a small percentage of the ticket sales.  This, in turn, makes the relationship a partnership for mutual success, as we would help promote the production since the venue has a vested interest in the production's success.

We are looking at commercial/industrial rental space and are seeking funds to open and operate the venue for the first year.  This will include a 60 to 80 seat flexible performance space with LED lighting fixtures & controller, video projection, and theatrical audio equipment.

We envision this space being able to support small stage productions, recitals, film screenings, rehearsal space, classroom space, photography studio space, concerts, staged readings, and workshops.  The space would also be a classroom for youth that are interested in the technical side of theatre to explore lighting, sound and theatre design.  Our goal is to have young artists to grow on stage, backstage and in the tech booth.

We would appreciate your support in building a great asset for our youth theatre group and the North San Diego theatre community.

Please contribute to our CAPITAL CAMPAIGN.  Any donation, large or small, moves us closer to our goals of providing more and better youth performing opportunities.


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