Auditioning for Seussical Junior

We will be having informal auditions on March 1st from 11:30am-1:30pm.


If you have never auditioned for a play or musical, it is not required for participation in our productions.


We encourage experienced performers to do an audition if they are seeking a specific part in SEUSSICAL Junior.  Many of the main characters sing solos, duets and recite many lines.  The auditioning process helps us with casting and helps us see what skills our perfomers bring to the production the first day.


Normally we request that experienced auditioners bring the following:


-  A Picture and Resume of their performing experience and training

-  A One Minute or 16 Bars of sheet music in the proper key they choose to sing (Broadway style)

    or a background track on a digital device that can be played while they sing (One Minute). This device must plug into our

     1/8" headphone jack on our sound system.


For those that are new to an audition process, we can just have them sing a well known song that our Musical Director can play with them.  Usually it is Happy Birthday or a Christmas carol.  Simple.  Again...this is just so we can listen to them and see where they can best support the production.  We also do this during the initial rehearsals when there is less pressure on the kids.


If you have any questions about auditioning, please feel free to contact me at