Learning to Perform!
CAA provides performing arts classes and programs for students ages 8-18 that want to expand their skills in theatre performing.​
Along with theatre training, students learn the value of community, the importance of diligent hard work and the joy of team accomplishment.



Our Philosophy and Core Principles


CAA has always seen the performing arts as more than performance opportunities. Unlike many youth theatre organizations, our programs focuses on a blend of training and performance. In a typical year, we provide acting classes, recitals opportunities, workshop projects and an annual full show performance.


The core principle of CAA's  programs is to provide a professional and fun learning environment for emerging artists that frees them to explore their art to its fullest extent.​


That environment is:


  • Emotionally safe
  • Nurturing for the gift
  • Stretches their horizons
  • Character building
  • Challenges the whole artist



  • Emphasizing the blend of training and performance

  • One of the only organizations that gives students an opportunity to perform non-musical drama outside of school programs

  • Focus on giving every student an opportunity to contribute to the success of the program or class

  • Look for creative ways to grow individual talent at a pace that is achievable and still challenging

  • Do not measure success based on the number of students involved, but rather the growth of each participant.

  • Organization guided by  Judeo-Christian perspectives, values and world views.


California Artist's Academy is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization.